3 Weeks in Haiti

November 15, 2011 — Leave a comment

I had the privilege a few years back to meet Michael Andrew.  I met Michael for the first time at a photography workshop that he was teaching.  I originally came to know about him from his training videos and blog.  At the time I was very much interested in photography and as is typical for me I was all in.  I love to learn and to know as much as I can about the things I enjoy to do.  I am by no means a professional photographer or even a semi pro.  I enjoy taking pictures.  I have received many complements over the years on some of my pictures.  That is in part due to what I have learned from Michael. He is a good teacher.  Beyond some casual interactions we don’t have a deep relationship.  In January of 2010 the nation of Haiti was devastated by a massive earthquake.  Michael had announced on his blog that he intended to go to Haiti to help with the aftermath.  He asked for any possible leads or connections to Haiti.  I had a friend Casey from college  that grew up in Haiti.  His parents were missionaries there.  His father and sisters still run a medical clinic there.  I contacted Casey and gave Michael his contact information.  They were able to connect and Casey was able to share with Michael about what he knew and his families operation there.  Michael did indeed end up going to Haiti. He recently wrote a book about his experience titled “3 Weeks in Haiti”.  He contacted me when the book was complete as I had been mentioned in it a few times.  I was familiar with some of the story as some of it was published to his blog while it was taking place.  As I read the book I found it very difficult to put it down.  It is a very compelling story and one thing leads to another and this keeps you in anticipation for the next part of the journey.  The book is incredibly inspiring and is filled with honest to goodness wisdom.  I don’t think Michael would spin it that way but I had several big takeaways personally after reading it.  The more I read the more it almost seemed unbelievable.  You either have to choose to believe in huge coincidence over and over or believe that maybe just maybe they were guided by something divine.  It is amazing story how one person can truly make a difference.  Michael made some incredible friends and alliances on his mission to help.  I have no doubt there are people that are alive in Haiti because of the efforts of those who worked together in this book. Everyone from those stateside that provided intelligence and communication, to the team on the ground that put it all together.  I highly recommend reading it.  I know it will inspire you and challenge you.  I am honored to have played and incredibly small part of the story.  I was deeply touched by the story, and the lives that were impacted.

The book is currently available at:
Amazon’s Kindle Store and
Apple’s iBookstore
Barnes and Nobles Nook Store
Sony’s E-Book Store
A printed version is in the works.



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